How To Use Split Payment

Split Payment is only available to groups submitting their reservation more than 14 days in advance of their start-time.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 10.47.30 AM.png
  1. If reserving more than 14 days from your reservation, an option will appear on the Payment Details screen of checkout that allows you to access “Split Payment”.

  2. To start, please enter your credit card details in order to proceed with the Split Payment feature.

  3. After confirming your card details, you will be presented with the option to choose how much of the booking you are paying for.

    1. You will be able to enter any amount, OR:

    2. Use the calculator to help suggest how to split the amount.

      1. By Quantity: Based on how many guests you would like to pay for.

      2. Even Split: For instance, if three guests are splitting the whole amount you can use the calculator to divide the total into three even amounts.

    3. Please note, a standard ticket is $45 per guest plus 9% City of Chicago Amusement Tax. The total for one guest after tax is $49.05. If you would like to split evenly among your group, please be sure to include tax so that you’re covering the entire amount of $49.05 per guest.

  4. When complete, you will receive a standard Confirmation email AND you will receive a Booking Invitation email. The Booking Invitation Email contains a button that allows anyone to split payment and join your booking. You will be asked to forward this email to anyone with whom you would like to Split Payment.

  5. When another guest receives this email from you, ask them to click the button that allows them to join your booking. They will be prompted to fill out their own payment information, and will receive a confirmation email of their own upon completion.

  6. Payment must be made 14 days before your reservation start-time. After this point, the outstanding balance will be charged to the original reservation organizer's card.

    1. For example, if your reservation is on March 15th at 5pm, your outstanding balance will be charged on March 1st at 5pm.