Young adult groups (12-17)

Celebrate a Birthday, Graduation, Summer Break, or just a night out with friends!

Is there a minimum/maximum age?

All guests must be between the ages of 12-17.

How many guests can join?

1-Hour Reservation: Bring up to 8 guests, plus up to 2 chaperones, for one flat-rate. Minimum of 6 guests

2-Hour Reservation: Bring up to 14 guests, plus up to 2 chaperones, for one flat rate. Minimum of 6 guests

Is a chaperone required?

Yes, there must be a minimum of one non-playing chaperone (18 years of age or older) present with your group at all times.

No more than two non-playing chaperones (18 years of age or older) are permitted for a Young Adult Reservation. If your group has participants 18 years of age or older, or if there are more than two chaperones, please reserve our standard game night out experience.

Can the whole family participate?

We frequently host families with participants of all ages! If you would like to bring the whole family, with guests of all ages, please reserve our standard experience.

If you’re interested in reserving for a group consisting of only 12-17 year old participants, you’re in the right place!

Is the experience guided by a Game Night Out staff member?

Yes! A Young Adult reservation at Game Night Out is just like a classic Game Night Out experience. A team of our Hosts will facilitate the entire game night experience. From explaining the rules, to setting up the games, to keeping track of points and encouraging friendly competition, our hosts will guide the guests every step of the way!

How long is a reservation?

1 or 2 hours. Your choice!

A 1 hour reservation is packed with fast paced competitive party games from start to finish.

A 2 hour reservation enables you to bring additional guests, and if you’d like, have some extra time to enjoy snacks, have some cake, or open gifts before your time with us is done!

The number of games may vary based on group size and pace of play.


*Pricing above does not include 9% City of Chicago Amusement Tax