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It's anyone's game.


What is Game Night Out?

You have most likely shared a night with friends or family in a living room playing party games, right? 

But this isn't just any old game night.

Game Night Out takes this to the next level and invites you to game night at our place. This is a fun opportunity to connect with family, friends, or co-workers -  a chance to showcase your knowledge, compete head-to-head, work as a team, make new friends, and uncover inside-jokes.  

There's no stage, you're not performing under a spotlight, and you're not locked in a room solving puzzles to escape. In fact you may find you wish you could hang out longer! 

Oh, and feel free to bring a drink or two. We're BYOB friendly!

Unplug. Reconnect. Laugh. Play.

What games will we play?

You and a group of 6 to 30 friends, family, or colleagues will compete head-to-head, in teams, during a private experience of all original party games. Each game moves fast, keeps you on your toes, and requires you to think quickly and work as a team.

No need to pick-and-choose from a list of games before you arrive. We drew inspiration from a long history of the classic group-style party games you know and love, then designed a complete experience around the best of the best. Some games make you think and some make you move but we’ve curated a series of games that has something for everyone and your group will get to play them all!

You'll participate in a mixture of guessing, logic, skill, strategy, knowledge, and pop-culture based group games. Each game is challenging enough to keep you guessing, but familiar enough so that everyone can participate and have a blast.

The experience is guided by a Host who helps introduce our games, explain the rules, encourage competition, and keep the experience on track and full of laughter.

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What's it like to play?


Who's it for?


Your friends


Your Family


Your Colleagues

Where will we be playing?

We're conveniently located in the heart of Lakeview, inside the Century Shopping Centre. 

2828 North Clark Street, Unit 204

Chicago, IL 60657

(Advance Reservations Only)


Let The Games Begin!

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